What Home Means to Me

The smells at home. The smell of the bounty dryer sheets. The smell of supper. The smell of fresh Landry. The smell of my moms perfume. The fresh smell of the bathroom spray. Safety at home. Having a security system. Having fire alarms. Having my mom and dad to protect me. Having windows that don’t break easily. Having somewhere to sleep. Having a bed to sleep in. To have sheets and blankets to go on my bed. Having a pillow and a pillow case. Having a stuffed animal to comfort me. Home is a place to be loved and cared about. To have clean and safe water to drink. The one of the most important thing is to have a bath or a shower to keep clean. Also one of the most important things is to have parents that love you and care about you in your home. This is what HOME means to me.


Grade 4

Saint John, New Brunswick

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