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What Home Means to Me

For me, the meaning of home is a safe, wonderful place with my family that love, care, and look out for me. The people who give me anything I need or want, make me delicious food to eat, give me water to drink, and give me a home to stay in. The meaning of home is also my friends who care and look out for me. They help me when I need them and make me feel safe. They talk and play with me, and they also keep me entertained. My dog who loves and protects me. He also makes me laugh and cares for me. He keeps me happy and if I ever want to play my dog will be there before I can blink. My belongings that bring back memories that I use a lot. They make my life easier and keep me entertained, they can help me do certain tasks like cutting the grass cleaning the stairs, and more.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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