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Meaning of Home

Home and house technically have the same meaning, but there is still a difference. A house is a physical object, but a home has a deeper meaning. Home isn’t only a physical thing, but it’s also the people in it. Home is where you can go during sad and happy times. It’s one thing that you can know will always be there. Home is where everything feels right. Home is your shelter from the rest of the world. Your house may be the physical shelter from rain and such, but home is like a shield from the world. Home is like its own world where everything is ok. It's the place where you can really focus on anything. Some people think that home and house are different words with the same meaning, like the words hole and whole. They would be terribly wrong. If you think that they are the same thing, I have two things to tell you. One, I'm sorry but you're really missing out, and two, you are the person that should be reading this. If you want to, you can reread this. If you don’t want to, then you can continue reading. There isn't that much left. Sometimes when you move, the first few days, months depend on how fast you adapt, to feel like your new house is home. It might take longer the older you are or how long you spent in your old house.


Grade 6

Cote St-Luc, Quebec

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