What Home Stands For

H: Happiness: When I step in my home, I can't help but feel happiness! The sweet smell of my mother's cooking, The sound of my siblings playing together, my father asking me how my day went , it all makes me feel happy inside. Some people out there don't get to experience that wonderful feeling of the sensational home. H stands for happiness, and happiness stands in my home. O: Opportunities, When I see the wonderful home I have, I like to appreciate the opportunities I get to have, I have the opportunity to Play with so many wonderful things, I have the opportunity to jump around and around till I doze off in a deep sleep dreaming of so many wonderful, nice things, I even get to be so lucky, I get to have the opportunity to experience the nice feeling of having a warm, cozy home. O stands for Opportunities and Opportunities stand in my home. M: Memories, I love my home for many good reasons, but the main part is the amazing memories it holds inside. My home holds good memories, my home holds some bad memories, my home holds precious memories. But half of the world don't get to experience and have the precious memories held in the heart of the home. I am very thankful for my precious home for raising me well and good, I hope the memories inside will continue to grow up and up until they can’t hold any more. M stands for Memories and Memories stand in my home. E: Everything, My home holds everything i can imagine, warmth, food, hydration, comfort, love, E stands for Everything and Everything stand in my home.


Grade 5

Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador

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