Home: A place where you can feel guilt and regret things and there is family to back you up. A place where no one will judge you or make you feel alone. A place where you can cry and feel sad and then be backed up through anything. A place where you feel honored and don't ever get made fun of mentally or physically. A house is a building with four walls and a roof. A home is a place where you can just look at your living room then remember that's where I learned how to walk and talk. Or look at your bedroom then think that's where I felt so guilty that I laid there crying and held my pillow and all my mom did was walk in there and give me the longest and warmest hug ever. A home to me is not the exact same as it is to everyone else but a home to me is love. And that to me is why everyone deserves to be loved and have their own home.


Grade 6

Castlegar, British Columbia

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