What A Home Means To Me

A home to me is love, friendship, and a nice place to live. My home looks like: White concrete, wooden floors, big doors. My home feels like: a nice warm place. When I think of my home I: think of my family and cat. A Home. A shelter and a nice place to live in, it has a loving family and an amazing bed to lay on. There's pictures that stay on forever and won't let go of those. Loving memories that you made inside of your house will stay there. Love. A loving family takes care of you and does homemade treats made from love and care. Your family gives you lots of love and care that you carry forever. You share those loving memories with other people that you trust and love. Friendship. Friends are the one that you share secrets with but they are like part of your family. You just feel that your friends care about you. You have friends because they care about you and will be there for you for a long time.


Grade 5

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

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