Home is a place where you make memories. Love is hope for me and you too. The great place I call home is a place I’m loved most. The love in my home is warm and magnificent it helps me feel appreciated too. It's nice to have love at home too.home is like a daily days of love Memories, sanctuary of a home, the marvellous times, pictures and paintings, drawing and more with laughing and gleeful memories help to connect with friends too. Looking back it’s nice to see how far you are. Like from past to present school to college. flipping back it helps to see that bad or fun is the same to me. Family is a home to you and me home is not just a place it's like family to me a home is the people you are with. My mom is strong and mighty like me, my dad is joyful, funny and supportive. My sister's are responsible and caring.Family has always been home to me. Maybe you will agree a home is not just a place it's who you're with.


Grade 5

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

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