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What Is Home To You?

We all have a place where we feel stable. And most of the time it is our home. For some people it could be the mall if they like to shop. Not for me. But there are so many ways to live and so many different people in the world. Some people don't have a home, but there is a chance that there is a place where they feel safe. Some people have a modern life, they probably feel confident at their own home. Most are in between, that is not too rich and not too poor. Just a nice home and house. That is where they probably feel comfortable. I used to think that a home was just a house but then this question came up: What is home to you? I have lived in three houses in my life so far. One in Toronto when I was just born for two years. One in Texas for four years and the one I live in now in Montreal. But which one is home? Let's say I went on a trip to visit relatives and friends. And my mother doesn't come along due to work (which happens a lot). When I see home, I think of her immediately. Same for my dad but he’s the one who drives the car so he always comes along. Also, I am obsessed with music. I wrote this while listening to jazz music. And I always have a good time listening to my music in my room. That is why it is the second thing I think of when I see my home. Then there is Sonic, my adorable Siamese kitten at seven months old soon turning eight months old. I love to play, cuddle and laugh with him. We named him Sonic because he loves to run around and when he runs in the hallway, almost in a second, he is in his cat tree. He brings me joy and happiness. I also love sitting in front of the fireplace and reading my favorite book. It’s even better when it is raining and the rain does TAP TAP TAP on the window. So relaxing. So which one is home? Of course, the one I live in now in Montreal and it feels like home because this is the only place where I have everything I enjoy. That is why it can be more than a house. It can mean way more if you think about it. Tali Simine


Grade 4

Hampstead, Quebec

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