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Meaning of Home

Home is love. Home is where I have my family and my puppy. My home is tidy and clean. We have very good food, and we get very good taken care of! My home is safe, cozy and comfy. My favorite part of my house is my room because my puppy is always in there and my sofa is very comfy. I also have a stuffy, it comforts me when I’m sad. His name is George, and he is a monkey. But my puppy always chews on it. My family and my puppy make me feel safe. My puppy’s name is Oakley! At home, I feel very, VERY safe. At home. I have my grandma, aunt, siblings, cousins and puppy. I am very grateful for all these people that are in my life. I love all of them, one hundred percent. Love your family because they won’t always be here. By: Aaniyah


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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