What the meaning of home means to me

Home can mean a lot of things to different people and depending on who you ask you get different meanings.This is my definition of what home means to me. Home is a place where people come back from going out of the house every single day. It is a place where families come together and share awesome memories with each other.It is also a place where you can invite some friends over for a playdate,birthday party or even a sleepover.It is a living space where you can bake cookies in the kitchen,watch movies in the living room,sleep in your bedroom or bath in the bathroom. A place where you can do chores like vacuum the living room, wash the plates,dress your bed and sweep the kitchen, the list goes on.` Furthermore a home can be considered as a place where you can feel safe with family members who love you.A place where you can snuggle under the blankets as you go to bed.A place where you can have fun playing games with your loved ones,eat dinner with family, and celebrate achievements with family. In my opinion Home could be anyone's living space whether it's an apartment or a cabin and sometimes home isn’t always a building home could be a place like a home town, whatever feels like home to you.


Grade 5

yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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