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A Home vs. a House

Some people may say that a house and a home mean the same thing but in my opinion they don't at all. Home to me means family memories feeling safe and happy but to me a house could be any random building that has walls and a roof.Like say you think of a house all you really think of is any random house.I think home means family because if your at a family members home you might feel like you're at home even if you don't live there.I also think that family makes up home because if I think of home I think of my family sitting around the table having a mouthwatering and colossal dinner together and telling jokes and stories. I also think of my brother, my cousins and I playing out in the living room or watching a movie. Another thing that makes me think of home is all the unforgettable memories me and my family make together such as Christmas dinner,thanksgiving,birthdays and even just any regular day that were seeing each other and hanging out together. I think everyone should have a home because home is where you can feel happy and make the memories you'll never forget and those memories are really special.


Grade 5

Shawville, Quebec

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