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What my Dream Home Means to Me

My dream home would be full of music and art. I would have a wall of art. I would draw or paint art and put on the wall of art. And I would always let everyone see it. It would be my only painted wall in my house. It would be fun to have a wall of art in my home. My dream home would have my dog, my old dog Blue that had to go away because he was at the pound for long and he had to go away. I still think about him sometimes. But my dream home would have him again. My dream home would have dream pets like a great Dane, and also something green like a snake or turtle or a frog. Home would be full of pets. My dream home would have all of my friends and family and I would adopt seven little kids and I would name them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. My home now is not like the home I want. It's small and only has two rooms but I'm happy with my parents and happy with my family. The dream home I live in is BIGGGGGGGGG and I can run for miles in the backyard.


Grade 6


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