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What A Home Means To Me.

What A Home Means To Me. Written by Agatha Hertz “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.” This essay will cover what makes a home to me, this includes items, feeling safe and important memories. There are many items in a home but some can be more important than others. My most prized possession is a stuffed giraffe named Georgee. I got Georgee when I was an itty bitty baby and I love him very much. Another thing that I use a lot is all my electronics, this includes, my tablet, the TV and our Nintendo Switch, they all have a special place in my heart. I use these electronics as my main source of entertainment. Another very important thing is appliances such as my stove, dishwasher, laundry machine, and fridge. These appliances make it so much easier to do everyday tasks like washing clothes and keeping food fresh. All these important items help hold a home together. Safety is the most important part of a good home. Do you agree? Having a roof over my head makes me feel safe because lightning won’t hurt me if I have a roof. Having a well built shelter is also very important because you should never have to worry about things like the floor caving in when you jump or the walls or roof to easily break. The click of the lock on my doors makes me feel very safe because I know no one can come in. I saved the best for last. Having my parents beside me always makes me feel better because they always know what to do even in a scary situation. The feeling of safety should always be felt in a home. No home is complete without memories. Almost all of my favourite memories are from a holiday. One year on valentine's day I wanted to bake cupcakes to celebrate so we decided to do a cupcake off. We competed for the title of “cupcake off champion 2022”. My dad baked splendid cupcakes. But my mom and I were “cupcake off champion 2022” according to my brother who was the judge. It was so much fun, I hope we do it again next year. Last year on New Years Eve we partied all night long, we had snacks and played games all night. When it was time we counted down into 2023 but we were so busy taking photos and celebrating the new year we missed the fireworks! But that's okay because we found the fireworks from Australia and watched them instead, and I’m glad we missed the fireworks on TV because the fireworks in Australia were amazing! Every year my mom makes a photo book on shutterfly with things we did that year. This year my mom let me help her and that was really fun. What are your favourite memories? If you ask someone what a home is their answer will always be different from the last, but to me a home is filled with important items, the feeling of safety, not fear and memories that last a lifetime.


Grade 4

Kitchener, Ontario

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