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Everyone Needs A Place To Call Home

When people think about a home, they think about the physical building, the structure. When I think of home, I think of my family, food, shelter, and warmth. I also think of the people who do not have what I have. I want to help people who do not have fancy things or even a physical home. I want to help this world in any way I can. My family has done Christmas boxes at our local church to bless kids with that same love that we feel in your own home. I wish that I could help every single person in this world, but I know I can not. I can help people locally, and I can try be a smiling face when no one else can be. Home to me is knowing that I can feel safe and secure, and that there will always be a hot meal in front of me. I am so very blessed for that. “Home” is something that I hope everyone can experience. Home is not a luxury; when I say “home” I mean the people, the fellowship, the laughter, the meals that we share together and the warmth. I look up to Habitat For Humanity because their job is so important. I hope that everyone is able to have the love and joy of “home” as well as the blessing of shelter and warmth that a house provides. It is so important for us to help the needy, and to love others so that they can spread the love.


Grade 4

Pembroke, Ontario

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