Home Sweet Home

Home is my family. Home is my dad. He works hard everyday to put food on the table. He does all the immaculate cleaning and plans the most eventful fishing trips. He loves to share captivating stories of when he was younger. He teaches me the importance of savings. Without my dad, my home is not complete. Home is my mom. She is an amazing cook. It does not matter if the dish is Chinese, like fried rice, or Western, like steak, it will always taste delicious. She will always cheer the loudest when my brother and I are playing sports. My mom is a great mentor who motivates me to do better. Without my mom, my home is not complete. Home is my brother. He is my violin tutor but he also helps me with my homework. He is my best friend and my partner in crime. We share funny videos and laugh together. We play chess and badminton to challenge each other's skill. I appreciate having a caring and protective older brother. Without my brother, my home is not complete. Home is me. I make my home more lively. Being the youngest, I am entitled to do many crazy things and yet I do not get into trouble. I can make my family laugh by doing silly dances and making funny jokes. I bring a lot of fun and joy to my home. Without me, my home is not complete. My home is complete when I am with my dad, my mom, and my brother. We together create our home, our home sweet home.


Grade 6

Vancouver, British Columbia

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