Home, a word like no other. There are many definitions to the word “home.” In my case the word home means something every being can afford if they have any sense of love. Everything has a sense of belonging, respecting those who are behind walls, those who want to be alone for a change, and behind bars, because everyone deserves a place for home. A home cannot BE anything really; it's more of a way of feelings, traditions. In my home, I can hear popcorn popping while everyone’s tone is dropping, as we grow old, we look at the stars, some shooting stars accelerating like cars. As the summer passes into the fall, we go to school so we can grow tall. Chemistry, democracy we learn it all, playing, falling, we do it all, 365 days of the year. Even though having a family towers tall overall, a magnificent house will support it all. The superior house of course needs walls, but what it is filled with means most of all. All season long our home is very warm, cozy, and cool, while other people are struggling, I hope they end up with a home like me. Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for setting a goal to fill them with glee.


Grade 5

Burnaby, British Columbia

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