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Home Sweet Home

At home I feel comfortable, relaxed, and warm also loved and happy. My dream home has an in ground pool, a barn with horses, and penguins. I would wish for a humongous snowy, fluffy, mountain next door. All that doesn’t matter because home is spending time with my family. When the moon is out we all gather around and play board games.Home is my family snowboarding by my side. Snowmobiling together on trails. Going fishing with my dad in the summer. Home is waking up to my mom’s scrumptious waffles. Pouring fresh syrup from the maple trees. Picking apples off the tree and making fresh apple crisp. I love spending time at the park with my friends,family,and my cousins. At the park I play tag with my sister or friends. At home I hear my dog barking to greet me.I often hear popcorn popping. I hear the kettle boiling. I feel the heat from the fire. I feel warm. I feel loved. I am happy.


Grade 5

Shawville, Quebec

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