What is Home?

Home to me is where I have freedom and I can be myself and nobody will judge me. Home is where I smell the baked cookies while I feel safe when the heater makes me feel the warmth like a soft blanket. But sometimes my home is not a building with bricks, stones, or wood, sometimes it’s where my friends are. Home makes the world colorful and gives others passion, and without home the world would be gray with no exciting news. Home gives you happiness, without happiness, everything would be boring. House is just stones and bricks, home is love and greatness. Home makes humans happy, knowing someone is always there for them. Home is family, and friends is all anyone can ask for. They give you the love that a home can't give you, they also make you happy and bring up your confidence- and protect you from people who aren't delightful. Home is something I believe every person and pet, no matter what age or size, should experience the happiness and the love of home. I want to thank Habitat For Humanity for letting the people without a home have a home. I hope the built homes that are given to the needy give them the warmth and happiness they deserve. Bella


Grade 5

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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