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What My Home Means To Me

I started packing my things because today is moving day! And I am moving to VSL. Today we will be looking at home’s. We already saw a bunch but none of them felt like home. The first one we saw today was humongous and extremely modern, but when we saw it we all looked at each other and shook our heads, so that was a no. The second house was very cramped for a family of five and also the complete opposite pf modern, so that was also a no. Then we saw a small, tiny house that we can barely fit in that was also very modern. It still just didn’t feel like home because home can’t just be any house, it has to be special and match your personality. And cozy but mainly the right place for you. When you find the right house you will know it. Finally, for the last house of the day, I felt that special home feeling. It was a regular size and it had four bedrooms which is perfect since my parents always share a bedroom. When i saw the whole house,I told my family,”Now this feels like home”. And they agreed. Finally, when the house was fully furnished it was even more perfect. And it finally felt like home.


Grade 4

Montreal, Quebec

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