The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is unforgetful. It's a warm shelter to keep warm. I hear the snow falling on crisp days. I hear the rain falling down at a fast pace. I smell my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies! A thing that can keep your family together in a space. The meaning of home is a loving structure that just stands and tells you I'm your friend! A home for a cat, dog, squeaking mouse, and gray rat. A warm hug seeks your body the whole way down. A rabbit hole in the middle of nowhere, a rabbit can be your new friend to play with. I can see that not everyone has this happy home of friendship and leadership, and family. Heck! Maybe you can bake mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies from a beloved recipe book. Worms coming through the smell of the pink and green flowers! Home. the structure everyone hears with the racket of a loved one's birthday noise. The happiness of a new baby. And for your beloved sake you can hear the happiness in each one's mind who knows anyone can just say I love YOU! You can see the steam coming out of our hot water from the shower. With love in a home, you can make anything your love and family desire. You can make your home into a zoo! But everyone in the neighbourhood will get a headache. But you better not blame it on me. Your home can be a carnival of pride and hope. Maybe even your kid is pouting because he or she is going to school. But. never. Give. up. Your home is a beautiful thing. Keeping you safe in any disasters. Keep in mind not everyone has a home. So don't be rude about it, okay? Just remember don't get anything in your head because your family is always there to give hope and look up and see a pink heart above your head never giving up on you. You go to school in the clothes you have on. Maybe on Fridays you can curl up on the couch and have popcorn and chill and relax! I love my home. I see my mom working hard on my lunch for going to school and just say thank you and be thankful. Even when I feel cold, I see my heater. Now everyone doesn't have a heater. I love my home, and it's the thing and the beloved thing and guess what it's just standing there like a statue. I sit down for a long night's sleep in my cozy bed. Home is where I sit on my couch and wait for my delicious supper and breakfast on Saturday. I love my home, and you should too. I sit down on my bed and see my trophies. My home is a place for keepsakes my Very special ones are stored in my home. My clothes are also stored in a clean washing machine. I also watch my magnificent tv with movies and tv shows. I love my home. I love it. And I will keep it clean. Home keeps me from flying away in strong dusty storms created by mother nature. My warm home is fun to run— up the stairs very, very fast—. And just fall into my fluffy bed stored with fluffy sheets. I look on the wall for my family's memories that are kept in a frame safe. I use my refrigerator to store my cold items like cheese, milk, lettuce my, ketchup mustard those types of things. I am a lucky person to have a home. I have my food stored in safe places like a pantry and refrigerator. I have my folders and notes in my home to keep me safe from losing them. They are really important to me. I want them to not blow away in storms or stuff like that to happen to them. The picture below shows a home. A home is a cool and safe place for you to hide and stay warm in. It is really good once you get the layout of your home. I also love to play hide and seek in my home. My home sweet home is the best thing in 9 years of my life. I am so lucky to have a home like so lucky to have a home. I have clean windows to look up and see my clear blue sky. I am. so. lucky. To have a home, and yes, I am saying this again.


Grade 4

Portugal Cove St Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador

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