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A Place To Stay

When looking through my window, Watching the clouds away.. I think to myself, “It’s such a nice day!” “The sky is blue, like the sea.” “And the sun is shining, so all can see.” But then there’s reality, Some are outside, Not able to see this. People walked by, not caring at all. Not knowing how much they’ve fallen down. So I’ll try my best, Thinking to myself, “I will help them break free.” “From all the sadness that chains their minds,” “To help them with things ahead,” “For all it takes, I’ll try my best.” “To make sure that they’re impressed,” “Of how great they will rise to be.” “A poem it takes, for them to break free.” “I will help, and so should you.” “Everyone around, to rise again.” “To be the best they can.” “They’ll have a place to stay,” “Just like you.” “To see it everywhere, including around you.” “We can help, and you can too.” “So they can stay in a warm place,” “The thought could make their heart race.” “They want to be like you, but there’s nothing they could do.” “So will you help? Because they rely on you.” This poem is long, but straight from the heart. I want to make sure people love from the start. Your kindness will heal, for those who cannot. A home or a house is the very start. A place to help others, A home is more than you think, To the people out there, The home is where love is, Instead of sitting outside, Thinking of what they could be. I have a home, So they need one too. And I wrote this poem to help those in need. Of all races and sizes.. You will soon see.


Grade 5

Mississauga, Ontario

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