Grade 6


what home means to me

My house is made of bricks and wood
Have a home? Everyone should
Home is somewhere I can dance
With no one there who will glance
My house protects me from rain and snow
Home is a place everyone should get to go
But a house is just made of bricks and wood
It’s a building not everyone has who should
A home is made of family and friends
Who laugh and laugh until the end
Home to me is a warm place
A place that protects every human and every race
Not everyone has a home but they should
So make a change, give someone a house you could!
So enter this contest they will donate ten dollars
Give someone a house and make them holler
This contest helps build someone a house
A place to go,be happy, and feel well
So be part of this change ,come on let’s do it!
Let’s help give someone a house,somewhere to sit ,come on we can do it lets all commit!

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