Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me!!

My home is a place with negativity and positivity that flies through the air. We fight and we forgive. My family always is there for me. I feel safe and comforted and cared for when I am surrounded by my family and my usual surrounding. My family inspires me to be who I want to be and always be myself. The memories in my home remind me how special I am to have a family. I always can share my feelings and feel comforted that everything will be fine. I feel relaxed because I know I’m safe and snug. Home is where my heart lies. Sure we all have bad days but we help each other. My home has a comforting smell and feeling that makes you feel relaxed the smell of my home is very comforting and the feeling of something good. We go through rough times and awesome times but we work through it. Everything in my home makes me who I am. My home means the world to me. My home will always be deep in my heart.

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