Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me

What Does Home Mean To Me?
To me, home is a place where I feel safe.
A place where I feel loved.
A place where I won’t be judged.
A place where i’m surrounded by family.
A place where i’m comfortable to do as i please.
A place where I can be my own person.

To many, home is somewhere where they have a roof over their heads.
Somewhere where they eat dinner with their families.
Somewhere where they sleep.
Somewhere where they wake up every morning.
Somewhere they aren’t afraid.
Somewhere they feel safe.
Somewhere their surrounded by family.

To me, home is different.
Home is a place where I have someone to rely on.
A place where I have people that I care for around me, be it friends or family.
A place where i’ll get into arguments but ALWAYS make up with the person.
A place that I’ll always come back too.
A place which holds everything special to me.
A place which is special to me just the way it is.

The meaning of home is different to everyone.
It’s just like how every person is different.
Every home is special to the person in some way.
Not just because that’s where they live, but because it holds something precious to them.
It doesn’t have to be family, but it can be a friend, a pet, the love of your life, or maybe it just holds special memories.
Either way, home is different to everyone.
But one thing all homes have in common is that even when you leave, it’ll always hold a piece of you for as long as you remember it.

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