Grade 6


What Does Home Mean to Me

What does home mean to me?

Home to me is a place where I can relax, laugh, cry and be myself. At home I don’t need to act like someone or something I’m not. Home is a place where I can be myself and feel good about it. And most importantly feel safe.

When I know I’m home, I hear my cats meowing, my dog barking and my guinea pigs squeaking. I can feel the warmth of my moms loving arms around me, hugging me so tightly I can barely breath, and the laugh of my dad making a funny face at me because i struggle to breath.

Home is a place for families to reunite or get to know the other person as best as they possibly can. Home is a place where you create amazing and special memories that will stick by you your entire life. It’s a place where you can capture a special moment and celebrate it, and spend as much time as you can get with your loved ones.

Home means a lot to me and it’s where I spend most of my life. Home is where you get to see people grow up to be amazing human beings , and also say goodbye to the ones who were as much as you can ask for in your life. Then celebrate the amazing life and special moments you’ve had with these amazing people.

Home isn’t just a place where you live, it’s a place where you start new journeys and lives.

This is what home means to me.

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