Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home

Some don’t have them, so they wander and roam,
this thing I’m talking about is called a home.
A home is something special to me,
It’s something I think you need.

It’s somewhere where I think is safe,
there’s always support no matter the case.
Every day from head to toe,
your parents teach you all they know.

Your parents love you with all their heart,
they have been loving you since the start.
In a home you’re surrounded with love, it can be as peaceful as a dove.

Not just a building, so much more,
you can feel the love when you walk through the door.
Loving memories and joyous times,
as sweet, as the church bell chimes.

When nighttime comes, you have somewhere to sleep,
in your dreams, you can count sheep.
To wake up in the morning and know that you are home,
And not wake up thinking you’re going to die from a bomb.

To you, your things are precious and you love them a lot,
But your, home is one that is in the top.
You can have good times and bad,
Spend time with mom and dad.

This is what home means to me,
And I hope everyone can see.
That a home can be part of your family,
It’s something that I need.

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