Grade 4


My Home

Home started with just a Mom and Dad,
Their hearts grew strong and a family was to be had.

They worked so hard to create such a loving home,
Where 4 sisters and 1 brother would get to roam.

We love to make mess inside these walls,
That’s when we would hear our mother’s footsteps coming down the halls.

At first, she would scold us to clean up the mess,
But over time she knew it was love at its best!

We are growing up in such hard times,
You see covid -19 is consuming our lives.

Although times are hard and we are in a dark place,
We can count on our home to keep us safe.

Each Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Christmas that pass,
If these walls could talk, they would be sure to mention it all was a blast!

So much love, laughs, tears, and smiles all under one roof,
Us siblings are growing and will be gone in a poof.

No matter how much time or years will pass,
Our home is the home where we made memories that will last.

We will grow to make families, a home of our own,
However, we will mold it the same way from the love we’ve been shown.

Our home started with just a Mom and a Dad.
Inside four walls, and under one roof what an amazing childhood we have had!

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