Grade 6


My Home is the Most Important Place to Me

My home is a safe place to stay,
Where my family loves me in every way.
Playing games happily,
Bonding together with friends and family.
My home is my favourite place
Where I have my very own space

I am very grateful to have somewhere safe to stay,
Where I can rely on my family any day.

When I think of home,
I think of not being alone.
A place where I have grown
Where I have become the person I am today

A home is somewhere to stay
A place where you can eat yummy food your family makes every day
Bonding together with your family
Playing with my brother happily

Some people don’t have somewhere nice to stay,
Living in the hot and cold it’s sad to say.
They don’t have someone to rely on,
When it’s cold and they are alone.

Charities and foundations making a change,
By asking people to write words on a page.
When I write this poem for all to see,
I am helping someone make a house for people to live and somewhere to be.

We should all try to make a change
To help make a safe place for someone
By writing about what home means to you,
It can make you happy too.
When seeing the smile on their face,
A place/home where you belong no matter what race.

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