Grade 6

Richmond HIll,

My Home

My Home

Home is where I like to play,
Home is where I like to stay.
Home is where the heart is,
Home is where I study for a quiz.

It makes me sad when people are on the street,
It makes me sad that they have no food to eat.
I feel bad that they don’t have a home,
And they have to sleep in a cardboard home.

Homeless people are very cold,
Some can be young and some can be old.
How young do they need to be before you care,
We need to help them and share!

We must raise money and unite,
To help the homeless for a shelter at night.
We will help them with hunger and thirst,
Because anyone going hungry- that’s the worst!

It’s not fair to be living on the streets,
Where you have no company and nothing to eat.
People walk by and are sometimes rude,
And most of the time they don’t give you money to buy food.

Home is the best,
It’s where I rest,
And I am very blessed,
To have a home that’s the best.

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