Grade 4

North Saanich,
British Columbia

My home

When I think of my house, I think of my family.
When I enter my house, I enter a space with kind people.
When I smell my house, I smell the food my mother cooked.

My house is safe.
My house is where I grow up.
My house is a blessing for my family.

My mother and my father erase my sorrows.
My chickens and my dog are the best.
My brother asks me to help him with something; I answer yes.

At my house, I build.
At my house, I love to prepare supper.
At my house, I love to help out.

At home, everything is calm.
At home, there are cars.
At home, everything is imperfect.

The fireplace keeps out the cold.
At home, I feel loved.
At home, I love to play.

Everyone deserves to have a roof like me.

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