Grade 6


Meaning of Home

My home is where I live with my family,
A place where I can play and live happily,
We stay together through the highs and lows,
Through the great times and through the woes,
Home to me is the place where I can go,
When things get tough and I am feeling low,
It gives me comfort to know my family is there,
They’ll stand by me no matter how I fare,
Walls keep me warm and away from rain,
Homes makes me happy when I’m in pain,
Home is where I can eat great feasts,
I am very grateful for even the least,
A place to sleep when it is night,
And wake up in the morning refreshed and bright
I can clean myself using the shower and the sink,
In my home I am free to think,
A place full of memories that I’ll always treasure,
Looking back at them is my greatest pleasure,
It is a place where I am free to roam,
Three words that come to mind are Home Sweet Home
A place that is one of a kind on Earth,
It is where I have lived since my birth.

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