Grade 5


Meaning of Home to Me

I love my home for many (and I mean MANY) reasons!
I know you’re probably thinking “well duh everyone loves their home” but I love mine for lots of unique reasons. One of the reasons is hockey! It may seem weird but hockey is a huge thing in our house! Me and my brother are always racing off to hockey games, tournaments and practices. So it means a lot to us.

The next reason is our park!
We have a park right by our house and I always go there with my friends and its SUPER fun! And when I’m bored I just grab my bike, grab my helmet, and I bike to the park.

My friends are a big part of it too!
Its lots of fun when I can hang-out with my friends.
And there is a lot of fun things we can do at my house that’s what makes it special.

And all of the great times we’ve had together at my house, it is AWESOME

To me my home is like my sanctuary.
I can go there when I’m feeling down or sick. I can come home after a long day at school and I can restore and relax from the hard and tiring day

Another reason why I LOVE my home is all of the memories we’ve made together as a family.
All of the great times we’ve had, the dinners, the holidays,
All of the times we’ve spent time together; It’s always super fun when our family comes over for dinner to celebrate the holidays with us.
this is why my home is my most FAVOURITE place in the world!

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