Grade 6


Meaning of home

Meaning Of Home

Home is a feeling of love to me
It’s built with love and dreams.
Home doesn’t need to be perfect.
It just needs to be united.
Home means loving, believing and caring each other.

Home is the beginning of my life to me,
There are plentiful memories stuck in the four walls.
Home is where I learned to express my love.
Each member is the pillar of home.
It’s a feeling of security that gives me a wall of self-protection

Loving hearts built a sweet home.
It’s a place to treat each other happily.
It’s a banquet to gather in a meal.
It’s a little church to forgive each other.
It’s a shelter to share and care each other.

Comforting hand of mom can snuggle me.
Encouraging words of Dad strengthen me.
Precious siblings are there when I need them
Aunt and Uncles cheer me along the way.
Grandparents are the greatest treasure of the home.

Home is a place of acceptance, understanding and best of love.
Home is a peaceful place where I can relax.
Wherever my path takes me,
Always, home is the only place to come back.
It makes my life joyous in many ways.

It’s built with bunch of feelings,
That leads to me life long
Oh! Home, my sweet home!

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