Muhammad Ayaan

Grade 4


In The House of Mine

In the house of mine,
There are lights that shine
A cat in my house,
That often chases a clumsy mouse.

A trampoline placed in the backyard,
Where I jump so hard
And I have a tree house,
It’s like my free house.

My chamber has a cloud light,
Under which I sleep soundly at night.
Stuffed animals, books and toys,
In short, my house is full of joys.

Misty grass, dry land and an orchard,
Where sound of crickets and owls can be heard.
The sunlight comes inside from the window,
A baby crow cries sitting on a bough.

Cleaning, wiping and sweeping the floors,
I try to help my mother in house chores.
She says cleanliness is half of our faith,
I pick my things up when she counts till number eight.

They say ‘home is nothing without a Mom’,
I say, a father also shields a home.
Well, home is something I can’t live without,
As people residing in it are pure inside out.

I thank to God for giving us a home
Because I have seen who lost their home.
I pray may God bless all with a shelter
And make the lives of poor people better.

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