Grade 5


Houses and Homes

A house is made of wood and bricks.
A home is made of love and family.
Home is the heart of my family.
Home keeps us all together.

Home reminds us of those good times.
Home means love.
Home means family.
Home helps us make memories.

Our home is always there for us.

When I am in my home, I feel safe.
I feel comfortable in my home.
My home means so much to me.

My home is no ordinary house.
It’s a home.

Our home means more to us in these times.
Covid-19 made us spend more time in our houses than normal.
I now realize what my home really means.
It means family.

Home is wonderful.
When I think of home I think of my indigenous culture.
When I am home, I feel like me.
When I am in my home I think of my family, my culture and my background.

I don’t live in a house.
I live in a home.

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