Grade 5

Bay Roberts,
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is not just a house. A house is a building that is either for sale or someone is just living there. Home to me is my family, not just a house. My mom is like my room. If I need her she is always there to comfort me and give me hugs when I need them. My dad is like my kitchen, he cooks when I am hungry and when I am sick he gives me medicine. My sister Madison is like the living room because she watches tv with me when I am sad. My other sister Kathryn is her own room because she is always there if I want to talk to her, show her something and play games with her. When I walk into my home I feel loved, safe, cared for and happy. I can’t even describe how home makes me feel. My home is my family and I will never leave them. That is what home means to me!

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