Grade 4



To me, home is a special place
A place where all dreams come true.
A place that everyone matters
And everyone is involved.
A place where old friends reunite
And new friends are made.

A place where the river calls me
Outside my door,
A place that far back Ojibwe and Cree,
Yes, they once lived here, and now…me

To me a home is where I am loved the most,
Where I am recognized,
My talents, my hopes.
A home is a place to be encouraged,
A place to encourage
When others are discouraged.
A home is a place where we share ourselves and our space
In hopes of seeing joy
On one another’s face

To me a home is a place where I feel secure
From the rain, the snow
And all of my fears.
A home is a place where I am free to play
And would love for all others
To have fun in this way.

A home is a place where I am warm,
A place of comfort during a storm.
When I think of the thought of not having a home,
I begin to cry and in sadness I roam.
So every night before I sleep,
I thank God for my home
Which is mine to keep
And maybe with luck this poem has grown
Into something that will help a child have a home.
By Ryan Mota

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