Grade 4


Home: Where Memories Are Made and Cherished

It’s not the dark red door that makes my house unique
But it’s my family that makes my life so sweet
It’s not just the strong roof that makes me feel safe
But it’s my mom’s tight embrace that lightens up my face

It’s not just the strong foundation that keeps my house standing
But the memories that we have made in this place that help me feel outstanding
When I think of home, I think of all the smiles
It’s a part of my life that makes everything worthwhile

This home of mine does not judge you for who you are
The walls of a home always remain cold until they are occupied by young and old from near and far
It’s not the bright lights that make my house so bright.
But instead it’s all the reassurance that everything will be alright.

With a beautiful family and a lovely home
I feel like I have truly struck gold
The love we feel in this sweet loving home
Will stay with us forever as years come and go.

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