Grade 6


Home, what is home?

Home, what is home?

Home is a place to be surrounded with your loved ones
A place where you can be loved with support,
and talk to people who really care about you.

A place where you go to sleep knowing that you will be safe,
and wake up to the beautiful morning sun.
A place where you work everyday to achieve your goals,
and make all of your dreams come true while having fun

A place you love that never makes you want to leave
A place that you can relax in,
and feel comfortable even if everything isn’t okay

Home is like a fountain,
where the water is like your base.
Your house is your every wish,
a new possibility to create a special bond.
The only difference between your home and your house
is that in your home you can do, create,
and enjoy anything you want too.

No matter where I am,
after a long day,
all I want to do is come back home.

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