Grade 4


HomeThe Endless Possibilities

I turn the key to open the door.
It seems quite simple but there’s so much more.
This home of mine is full of happiness and love.
It’s like a wonderful blessing from above.
My home is more than a roof and four walls.
It’s where I’ve learned to get up when I fall.
The foundation of my home is stable and strong.
It’s where I’ve learned important lessons when I have done something wrong.

The fireplace in my home helps keep me warm.
And my mom’s soft voice shelters me from the storm.
In hard times, her tight embrace takes the tears off my face.
A smile comes upon me, the tears it will replace.

It’s not just the working lights that make my house so bright.
But all the wonderful memories I hold onto very tight.
My home is very special and truly unique
And the friendly, loving faces inside it make my life complete

Everyone deserves a home.
A place that they can call their own.
A place where they can take risks and explore opportunities.
A place where they feel safe and where hope never ends.
Everyone deserves a home just like mine!

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