Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

My home is a burrow in the ground,
It’s nice and round.
My home might just be a hole in the ground,
But without it I’d be lost and cold.

My home protects me from ice and snow.
Even in the harshest weather, pitfalls and traps,
My home stands strong.
It’s my protection; it’s my shelter

My home is a nest,
High in the sky.
The nest was the place,
Where I grew up,
My fondest memories live there.

From when I was young,
To who I am today.
It shaped my life,
More than I can imagine.

My nest is a home,
But it’s also a library of memories.

My home is a maze of weeds
Flowing in the water.
My home isn’t a structure,
Isn’t a building,

But it protects me from those,
Who lurk beyond my home of weeds.
Home is where you should feel safe,
A place to feel loved.
A home may be a small apartment,
Or maybe a mansion.

The people in my home,
Make me laugh with joy.
At night when I climb into my bed,
The home heats up,
As I drift to sleep.

This is what home means to me.

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