Grade 6

Niagara Falls,

Home is Where The Heart is

Home is where the heart is,
It’s where you feel loved and cared for.
It’s where you feel the warmth of your family beside you.

Home is a feeling you get,
It’s when you walk in your door
And are surrounded by love,
Laughter,and care.

Home is where memories are made,
Memories that only the care and affection
Of a family can give you.
The memories of laughing and playing
With your brother and sister.
The memories of talking long into the night
With your parents.

Home is a place of security,
It’s where you feel safe.
It’s where you know that
When you get frightened
Your family will be there
To help and comfort you.

Home doesn’t mean house,
It’s wherever your family is.
It’s wherever you feel safe
And forever and always,
Home is Where The Heart is.

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