Grade 5

British Columbia


As I wake, the sky lightens and my heart soars.
I’m at home here, among the birds
I don’t need a house, I don’t need a ceiling or walls
Because, I know that I wouldn’t feel at home.
I need the birds to wake me up each morning,
I need the cool breeze on my face,
I wouldn’t be at home anywhere else.
-Home among the birds

I walk down the hall,
Mom is making breakfast.
My family is sitting around the table,
They waited for me.
Even though it’s a small gesture,
I appreciate it.
I eat and get ready for school.
My friends are waiting for me at the bus stop.
Even though I made them late,
They still waited.
It makes me happy to know that they wait.
It makes me feel safe.
-Simple home

I’ve been told many times that Home is where the heart is.
But what if my heart isn’t in one place?
What if my heart is with my parents?
What if it belongs with my community?
Maybe my home is with my friends and family?
Maybe my home is the world?
What if my home isn’t one place, but a thousand?
-A thousand homes

A mother’s love,
A father’s encouragement,
A sister’s arguments,
A family’s warmth.
These are simple things,
I often take for granted.
But I pity those without these gifts,
Because I cannot imagine my life without them.
I know that in this world many live without them.
Without a home or love.
I wish that I knew more
So, I could help them.
But I will do the best I can,
To help them every day.
I will do the best I can,
To help them on their way.
-My home, my community

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