Grade 5



Home is comfortable and inviting,
where I want to be.
A place where I go when I’m feeling low
to help replenish me.
Safe and cozy, the place that warms me the most.
I never ever want to leave,
I always keep it close.
Home is where I can express my feelings.
It keeps my family and I secure, A feeling that I would love to endure.
The place I love has so much potential. The place of all my dreams.
The love I feel is just so essential.
Home to me is a place where I feel safe when I sleep,
it’s for where you and your family live. It’s not a place where we should weep.
Home is the place that makes me feel alive. A place where I keep all my worries.
Home is a place where I let my happiness thrive.
Home should not be a place of gloom, or a place of arguing and fighting.
Home is where you should let love bloom.

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