Grade 5


Home: a small word with big meaning

My home was once a house
In which lived a little mouse!
Cracked bricks and a broken door
Its shattered windows were an eyesore.

Despite its sad appearance
With all their perseverance
My parents bought this place
And restored it with grace

It took them six months of hard work
Sweat and tears, almost going berserk
Endless bills and setbacks too
Until finally, they saw their project through

Today, my house is my home
Mice replaced by a friendly gnome!
Windows now keep the harsh weather out
And our front door welcomes all, no doubt

More importantly, my home is a sanctuary
Filled with love, warmth and serenity
Where I am safe and I am loved
And can be myself without feeling judged

To build a house is one thing
To have a home is a blessing
Making memories with my family
Is a luxury deserved by everybody.

I am thankful to Habitat for Humanity
For giving me a chance to write poetry
I hope these words are seen by many, I confess
So that together, we can build more happiness

One syllable and four letters long
Home is where we belong
A small word it may be
But its meaning is quite mighty

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