Grade 6



Home, a place to call my own
A place to share emotions and dreams
A place where anything can come true, it seems

A place safe and comfortable
Somewhere so memorable
A place preferable
To sleep and eat
Under a solid roof
A place weather proof,
Somewhere to hide from the unforgiving weather
A place to be together

Every night, before I turn out the light
Laying in my bed with the walls painted blue
I look out at the stars it is quite the view
I can relax with no worries of the day,
Knowing I have a safe place to lay
Closing my eyes with a soft goodnight,
I drift to sleep with not one bit of fright

My wish for this poem is to give this unforgettable gift
It will give a deserving family a place so they no longer have to drift
Safe and warm
They should be just like me and my family
Together we can make their dreams come true
Now it is all up to you

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