Grade 6

St. John's,
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is where all friends gather,
Open their arms to the rich and the poor.
Home is where I like to play,
There is nowhere more I would rather stay.
When there’s a storm,
My mom is there to make me warm.
And when I’m sad, my sister makes me glad,
That I live in this peaceful home.

No one should be alone,
It’s sad and it makes me so mad.
No one is perfect we all make mistakes,
But no one deserves to live in this state–
Finding a box to stay for the night,
Volunteers and charities are their only light.
Now it’s our turn to take on the fight,
Raise all the money and make things right!

A kind gesture or act of goodwill, can make all the difference to someone still,
Help from our neighbours, family and friends,
A solid foundation is where it begins.
A sense of pride from the community base,
When we volunteer to create such a space.
It’s not a luxury it’s a right
A safe, warm home to sleep at night.

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