Grade 5




To me a home is where you reunite with your family or make new family
My home is made of people that care of me
My home is the safest place i can be in
In my home I can’t be embarrassed or judged
Home is where I am encouraged and confident

In your home you should feel accepted
You should feel protected
You should feel welcome
You should feel comforted
You should feel belonging
You should feel free
You should be yourself
You should be healthy and joyful

In my home I could be free girl or boy, black or white we are all equal in my home.
Italian or Russian, English or French on est des personnes qui a une langue et une grande famille.
This land was stolen and ours to share.
When peace and quiet is in the air.
My home is where all my memories are stored
A place where happiness is awoken
A place where traditions are made
A place where laughter is created
A place where food is passed down from generations
A place is where life is made
Somewhere where gifts are given and love is touched
A place where holidays are celebrated
A place where the truth is told and secrets are kept
I hope one day we can all have home


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