Grade 4

Upper Tantallon,
Nova Scotia


Home is more than just a place.
Home is where I belong.
Love, comfort, laughter, fun,
a feeling of warmth, like the sun.

Home is where my loved ones are.
Home is where I know I’ll find help.
Welcoming, happy, cozy, lots of play,
home is where I always can stay.

Home is where I am never alone.
Home is where my family and I enjoy time together.
Help, cuddles, a meaningful place,
home is a kind word and a smiling face!

Home is where I hang my hat.
Home is where I pet my cat.
Care, safety, truth, belief,
home is where I fall asleep.

Home is where I feel free.
Home is where I can really be me!
Thankful, gratitude, cherish, glad…

Home is something we all should have.

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