Grade 5

British Columbia


What does home mean to me?
It is security.
Shelter in rain, snow or storm,
It is a place where I always feel warm.
Maybe my house will crack or fall,
but home is not just four hard walls.
It is a place where my mother bakes,
And we sit as a family to eat her cakes.
It is cozy with my arms in my sleeves,
And not my legs in the rain and blowing leaves.
My head is on a fluffy white pillow,
And not against a sad weeping willow.
Home is comfort, clean or a mess.
It is my uncle and I playing chess.
It is about trust and safety.
Home is love and family.
Home is my father’s hug weak or strong.
It is the place where I belong.
Home is out home is in.
Home can be a box or bin.
Because home is a place in my heart,
We will never be apart.

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