Grade 6


For Everyone


Our barrier against the winds
Our shield.
Our protection from the storms
Our haven.

We feel no fear inside
We feel safe.
We feel the strong walls
We feel no threat.

With people we care about
With family
With friendly words and kind deeds
With love.

We learn to say please and thank you
We learn to be grateful.
We learn to try our best
We learn our lessons.

Where you can be whoever you want
Where you can laugh aloud
Where you let tears fall
Where judgement fades into oblivion.

We are home.

I know how lucky I am to have a roof and walls,
I know not everyone is as fortunate as I am,
I know not everyone has a good home,
And I know we need to help those

Who would love a place to call home.

You can have a room but it’s crowded and cold
You can have impenetrable walls without feeling safe
You can have a roof above and yet no kindness under
You can’t have a home without love.

Those who live on the streets,
Who have no roof over their heads,
Who sleep without a warm, cozy bed,
Who shiver through the night.

They would love a place to call home too.

Home isn’t just a place with walls.
It’s a town, a country, and
You could even say Earth itself.

It’s something deep down in your heart
It’s a feeling.
It’s where you go to sleep at night without worries,
It’s an oasis.

Home is what we all deserve,
Not just for me, not just for you
But for everyone.

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